Community Oriented

Leader Community News are focused on bettering the local community – and when your
brand’s interests align with community interests, it can be the perfect opportunity to put
yourself in the picture.


Champion the little people.

Leader campaigns reinforce our reputation as a supporter and advocate of the community, giving voice to the people who would otherwise go unheard.

If your brand has a part to play in promoting the community’s interests, that synergy could give your profile a significant boost – by creating newsworthy content that profiles your business.


Content Marketing

Looking to promote your business? It’s time to get creative: engage readers by profiling
your business in a paid feature story, and get the chance to communicate about your
products or services in depth through our content marketing offering.


Tell your story.

Get more cut-through with your brand by creating sponsored content, or by commissioning an advertising feature or a business feature.

Long-form content gives you the chance to explain your brand and its products or services in more detail, creating a compelling narrative to spark the interest
of prospective customers.


Business Profiles

You can give customers a snapshot of your business by having it featured in Leader’s Business Profile section. Note that some conditions apply – speak to your Leader partner for details.

Sponsored Sections

Align your brand and logo with one of the Leader newspaper major sections – such as
Sport, What’s On or Street Watch – and benefit from the trusted Leader’s brand.


Align yourself with a trusted community brand.

Sponsoring a section allows your brand to become synonymous with a beloved regular part of our newspaper – one that ideally aligns with your brand’s products or services.

Being a section sponsor means your logo features prominently in the masthead of the section, presented with a ‘Proudly brought to you by’ message.